Arizona Home Winter Lawn Care Tips

Think beautiful lawns are only available in the spring and summer seasons? Think again! Our mild Arizona climate affords us the luxury of enjoying lush green lawns all year long, but that is only possible if you take proper care of your lawn from planning to planting to procuring.

Arizona Home Winter Lawn Care Tips

Here are a few great tips to help you along your winter lawn care way:

Know the Best Grasses for Your Region.

Not all grass is created equally. Some sod is more durable than others, and you'll often do best with the most damage-resistant species because they stand up best to the tough elements that can exist in our area. Here is a run-down of grasses commonly found in Arizona, beginning with those ranking highest in damage recovery. Each of these is an excellent option for our region, but some are a bit more durable and require a little less attention than others:

Encourage Dormancy

If your lawn is Bermuda grass, it will go dormant in the winter, so encourage it to go peacefully by reducing the frequency of watering and fertilizing. This will slow its growth and allow you to prepare for overseeding more quickly.

Overseed to Ensure a Healthy Winter Lawn

Overseeding your summer lawn with perennial ryegrass in the winter is an excellent way to keep your lawn lush in lower-temperature months. Perennial ryegrass overseeding is a great way to compensate for the time your summer grass is in hibernation mode.

Adjust Your Watering Frequency

Hot Arizona summers require a good amount of watering to keep a lawn lush and green. You don't have to expend as much energy watering, but your grass still needs moisture to grow. 15 minute watering sessions every 3 to 10 days should be good, but keep an eye on the water penetration. You want the water to reach depths of 4 to 6 inches. If it goes beyond that, the grass won't be able to utilize the moisture. If your water penetration is less than that, it's not reaching the roots. To test your water penetration, simply stick a long screwdriver into the ground to see how deeply it will go without too much force.

Learn About Water Conservation

Of course, water is a precious resource everywhere, but here in Arizona, it is particularly important that we pay attention to our water usage in this arid desert climate. You may be surprised to discover the water conservation educational resources that are available around you. Many local, city, and state governments' water offices offer conservation classes, many of which are free or super affordable. See if you can find classes near you so you can make the most of your lawn watering experience.

Adjust Your Fertilizing Frequency

Although Arizona does not experience the cold and snow that other states do in the winter, our temperatures and climate are still altered during the winter months. You'll want to adjust your fertilizing frequency, and likely the type of fertilizer you're using, to account for the change in the elements. Fertilize your winter lawn about every three weeks with a 21-7-14 fertilizer.

These are just a few tips to help you get your winter lawn off to a healthy start. At Evergreen Turf, we are proud to offer a wide variety of sod options, and winter lawns are just one of our many specialties. Take a look at our selection, and let us know what questions we can answer for you

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