Get Your Lawn Ready for Summer

With the Fourth of July approaching, summer BBQs are about to be in full swing. Is your backyard ready for its busy season? With a little proactive yard maintenance, you'll be able to enjoy a pristine lawn all summer long. Here's what you need to know about summer lawn care in Arizona.

Dethatch your lawn

Warm weather grasses like Bermuda grass and paspalum thrive in humidity, yet still require preparation before the desert storms roll in. The best way to maximize the benefits of seasonal weather is to first open up the blades with a power rack. Dethatching machine rentals are easy to operate and cost approximately $40 - $60 depending upon the duration needed. The idea is to decrease the lawn's volume without digging into the soil. While methods vary, take the foolproof approach by dethatching the lawn from opposite directions and mowing up the remains. Your end goal is to give your grass maximum exposure to sunlight while allowing stolons to take root. While it's not necessarily catastrophic to skip this step, lawn professionals deem it wasteful as overgrowth will simply sit with nowhere to go until it's mowed up.

Fertilize and water

As monsoon storms increase the amount of moisture in the air, you want to be cautious not to over water your lawn. Adjust automatic sprinklers to come on twice per week (and up to four during dry spells). Many Arizonans choose to water less frequently—even during long periods of heat—and that's okay. It comes down to a matter of aesthetics as the grass won't completely die off. Rather it will go dormant and appear less healthy and green until it's revived by a consistent watering schedule. Additionally, you might consider giving your lawn a boost by applying fertilizer one to two weeks prior to those storm clouds rolling in. New homeowners should take time to research an appropriate fertilizer and application schedule for their specific grass type.

Tackle the "Honey-Do" List

Don't wait until the last minute to prepare the rest of your outdoor space for BBQ guests. If you have a large yard, write down a few to-do items and tackle them one weekend at a time. You'll have enough to worry about in the final days leading up to your party from entertainment to catering; don't add unnecessary stress. Be mindful of the tasks you tend to put off like cleaning the grill and pulling those pesky weeds that love to take up residence in your front yard. Turn the kids' chores into a friendly competitive game to motivate them for the summer fun to come.

Waiting until the week of your Fourth of July party to tackle the lawn might seem enticing, but as seasoned procrastinators know, it will turn out to be a bigger headache than it's worth. Plan ahead for your upcoming BBQ (and other summer events) by marking the calendar and breaking large tasks into smaller, more manageable jobs. All the time spent laboring and sweating under the Arizona sun will be worth it once you crack into your first chilled beer surrounded by friends and family…and one beautifully manicured lawn.

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