Keep Your Lawn in Times of Drought with These Tips

Maintaining a landscape of healthy, green grass can be plenty challenging in Arizona and throughout the Southwest —especially when Mother Nature chooses not to cooperate. Don't let a seasonal drought deter you from enjoying a beautiful lawn. Follow these lawn tips to conserve water while still preserving your Arizona sod.

Give your lawn a makeover.

Decrease your total square footage of sod by creating scattered beds of succulents or ornamental plants. The best low maintenance plants for your yard depend on your respective climate zone, thus it's wise to visit your local garden center for an expert opinion. Desert rock landscaping is popular in Arizona for a reason—don't shy away from following suit. Many homeowners choose to designate a small area of the yard to grass while filling the remaining areas and perimeter with rock. This allows for the majority of the yard to be low maintenance while still giving you a space to entertain guests, play a game of soccer with the kids, or let the dog out to do his business.

Adhere to a minimal watering schedule.

Some of the most common types of grass in Arizona include St. Augustine, Tifway and Midiron and are known for withstanding harsh summer conditions and relentless heat. Make sure you stick to a minimal watering schedule during times of drought. For help on this, check out our Summer and Winter watering schedule for Arizona sod lawns. You might even consider landscaping with extremely drought-resistant types of sod. Tifgreen 328, for example, needs very little water, but does demand frequent mowing, fertilizing, and dethatching.

Turn off sprinklers when it rains.

This may seem like an obvious practice during a drought, but it's easy to overlook if you have an irrigation system on an automatic timer. During the monsoon season, switch your sprinklers to a manual setting and take into account natural rainfall when planning out your weekly schedule. This advice becomes especially important when the city enforces strict "no watering" periods as you may be subject to fines or other penalties.

Collect rainwater to use on your lawn.

There are several methods of collecting rainwater, ranging from basic DIY buckets and barrels to the professional installation of underground tanks. Choose a method that's most appropriate for your home or garden and don't forget to account for the redistribution of water once it's collected. This could mean installing a pump or syphon by which you disperse the water from its storage container (sometimes at a higher elevation). Also, make sure you check your city regulations and laws, as some areas do not permit the collection of rainwater.

Other tips and tricks to consider

  1. Water early in the morning so the blades can soak up as much water as possible with minimal evaporation.
  2. Hand water trouble spots rather than the entire yard.
  3. Mow your lawn to a height of three inches; taller blades mean more shade for your soil and less evaporation.
  4. Minimize foot traffic which will further damage brittle grass.
  5. Just accept it. Your lawn may not look its best, but it should bounce back easily in the following season with the right care.

A great yard doesn't have to mean constant upkeep or accommodating weather. If your city is prone to drought-like conditions or is expected to face one in the near future, you'll want to take the proper precautions with your green grass to maintain its health and beauty. It may mean sacrificing more time or money to account for the lack of natural rainfall, but—as with any other home maintenance endeavor—your diligence will pay off in the long run.

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Seasonal Arizona Sod and Lawn Care Tips

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