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Sports Field Comparison: Sod vs. Turf

Super Bowl XLVIII will be at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium in February and discussion has already begun about the playing field. Sports fans love to analyze and debate which type of sports field surface is best for the game. Let's take a look at why certain stadiums have sod versus turf for professional sports fields.

The two main elements to consider are the location of the stadium in the US and whether it is indoors or outdoors. In colder climates like New Jersey where there is a risk of frost and snow, the NFL often chooses artificial turf because it is less affected by these conditions compared to natural grass, which makes it easier for the teams to play on. However, in warmer climates such as Phoenix, sod is usually the best option because it makes for a great playing field and there is much less risk of snow or ice taking over the field.

Typically, stadiums with natural grass fields will go through a re-sodding before big games like the Super Bowl. This entails trucking in fresh sod and resurfacing the playing field with extreme precision to make sure it is absolutely perfect come game day. In fact, the sod is often grown up to two years in advance at special farms before arriving at any Super Bowl stadium. (For all the home lawn enthusiasts who want to know what type of sod is used on NFL stadiums, the NFL uses a hybrid Bermuda grass as a base, overseeded with perennial rye grass.) While this all sounds like a lot of work, and it is, many players and fans prefer natural grass surfaces because they look and feel better than artificial turf.

For example, the Arizona Cardinals Stadium has a natural Arizona sod field and is consistently rated as one of the best NFL stadiums in the US. Evergreen Turf is a proud partner of the Arizona Cardinals. As a premier provider of sod in Arizona, our team is dedicated to making sure the Cardinals' field is ready to go on game day. Great care is taken in selecting, cultivating and maintaining the particular variety of sod that is used in this unique and prestigious venue.

Whether you're a sports field manager looking for assistance with your next sports field project, or a homeowner in need of a new Phoenix sod lawn, we're here to help! Talk to one of our sod specialists at 480-456-1199.