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Top 5 Southwest Plants with the Prettiest Blooms

Spring is almost here which means fresh flowers will be blooming all over the place. Looking to spruce up your front yard or backyard with some spring blooms? Check out these top 5 southwest plants with the prettiest blooms.

Cactus Plants

There are a wide variety of cacti and each has their own unique flower bloom. For example, the saguaro has a beautiful white flower bloom, the prickly pear has smaller yellow and pink flowers, and the Barrel cacti create reddish-orange flowers. Also, adding cactus plants to your front or backyard design is a great way to cut down on the amount of water used in your landscaping.

Tip for Homeowners with Sod Lawns in Tucson:

Plan the position of your cactus plants carefully! Make sure they are planted in a way that will be safe for your children, pets and visitors. Do not plant your cacti on top of your Tucson sod lawn. Cacti must be planted in the ground with no sod within a several-inch radius to prevent damage to your lawn.


These plants are tough and therefore, low-maintenance, making them great for any southwest gardener who wants a no-fuss lawn. They come in a huge variety which means they bloom in just about any color. As a bonus, they also attract hummingbirds and butterflies.


Salvia is a great plant known for its durability and variety of colors. It also has extended bloom seasons which means the plants will bloom for much longer than most others. As a tip, you can line your Tucson sod lawn with Salvia to create a natural and aesthetically pleasing border along your property.

Western Columbine

This plant grows best in partial shade with moist, well-drained soil. If your yard is full of sun most of the day, you may want to put these flowers in pots to keep them healthy and properly maintained. Or if you have a shady spot you can plant them directly into the ground to add a delicate texture to your yard.

Four O'Clock Perennial

These beautiful bright pink flowers will bloom all summer long and fill your garden with fragrance in the warm afternoon. They also attract hummingbirds and grow best in full sun.

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