Winter Landscaping Ideas for Arizona Homeowners

Southwest Arizona climate often makes it difficult for homeowners to come up with the right landscaping ideas. This said, it isn't impossible to have beautiful gardens in this region. Understanding the general climate in Southwest Arizona will better prepare you to come up with great winter landscaping ideas.

Understanding the general climate in Southwest Arizona will better prepare you to come up with great winter landscaping ideas.

General Climate

Southwest Arizona experiences high temperatures during the hot summer months. Like the rest of Arizona, this region gets very little precipitation. It perhaps has something to do with its desert environment. But when winter comes, most people may enjoy the hot summers, as winter in Southwest Arizona is extremely cold and windy. In fact, Tucson has a number of ski resorts due to significant snowfall during winter. That should give you an idea what winters are like in this region.

Winter Landscaping Ideas

It goes without saying plants that may flourish in the rest of the United States will not thrive in Southwest Arizona. That is why Arizona homeowners have to plan their landscape and garden and grow plants and shrubs that can withstand the harsh winters and cold, windy conditions.

So, without much ado, here are some winter landscaping ideas that are perfect for Southwest Arizona.

  1. Cold and Wind Resistant Plants: The dry, cold and windy conditions cannot be tolerated by most plants. Hence, it is imperative to find and grow plants that can tolerate these conditions. It is best to stick with cacti and succulents. These also are plants that will thrive in the poor soils of Arizona. Think of planting giant prickly pear cactus, which thrives in the southwest. However, do not plant this cactus near walkways and doorways because of thorns on the pads. You also can plant century plant (Agave Americana), which is a succulent and takes 10 years to bloom, after which it dies.
  2. Plants for Sonoran Climate: There are many plants that are well adapted to flourish and survive in Sonoran climate. It is best to check with a local nursery about these plants, so that you don't make a mistake. Typically, bougainvillea, which can flower, even in winter if there is no frost, lilac vine, primrose jasmine and rosemary are great choices.
  3. Desert Botanical Garden: Located in Phoenix, the Desert Botanical Garden has an online presence. You can get ideas about what plants are best suited for the cold and windy winter of Southwest Arizona. For instance, the Desert Botanical Garden states that rosemary, which is a popular herb, makes great ground cover and has beautiful sky-blue blooms in winter. So, it is perfect inclusion your garden.
  4. Walkways: When coming up with winter landscaping ideas, make sure you include pathways to walk around your garden and get access to the plants. You will still need to water the plants even if it is winter. Furthermore, provide the plants you have selected with shade, so that it protects them from the cold as well as the strong winds.

Other Winter Landscaping Ideas

Plan to strategically place outdoor lighting, so that you can admire your beautifully landscaped garden while sitting indoors in the evenings. It also will uplift your mood and boost the curb appeal of your home.

As Southwest Arizona has poor soil conditions, you want to grow a combination of plants, grasses amidst boulders and rocks. Boulders and rocks will add more depth to your garden and also break the monotony of the plants. Also, look to grow evergreen shrubs, such as Arizona rosewood and Chasteberry.

Another way to bring your garden to life during winter is by adding holiday accents. During Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's visit holiday stores and craft stores to pick up vibrant and colorful garden ornaments. You can place these ornaments in your garden to add color and make your garden look unique and special.

Don't let the cold and windy winters of Southwest Arizona stop you from coming up with interesting and novel winter landscaping ideas. You will be amazed with a little bit of research and some effort, you will be able to enjoy greenery even in the winter months.

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