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As an Arizona home owner, you know that landscaping and maintaining your lawn can be an ordeal. The typical desert climate of Arizona in general can make having a luscious green yard nearly impossible without professional help. We are your premiere guide to acheiving a perfectly manicured and healthy lawn that thrives in the harsh Arizona heat. We know the best types of sod in Arizona for your landscaping needs so you can have a beautiful yard despite the desert heat.

Arizona sod can be a tricky thing. Trying to get grass to grow in Arizona can be hard for the typical homeowner to do. If you have trouble getting your sod to stay green, give us a call and see how we can help your yard look its best. From helping you choose the right sod to teaching you how to fertilize and care for your grass, we can allow you to have a beautiful yard that is easier to care for. Let us teach you how to pick the best sod for the Arizona climate, and also how to take care of your new sod so it stays healthy.

When you make the choice to improve or create your new yard, count on us to help you choose the best type of sod. High quality sod in Arizona can be difficult to find, let alone survive in the harsh desert heat. Arizona sod that we specialize in includes bermuda, hybrid bermuda, and many varieties of hardy golf course sod, such as St. Augustine. Count on Evergreen Turf to supply and install your new sod, and provide you with the information needed to maintain, or help your existing sod become more lush and beautiful than ever before! With our help, you can be on your way to knowing how to keep your yard healthy, green, and happy for years to come, even as the Arizona heat beats down on you.

For more information about preparing for sod or maintaining your new sod lawn, take a look at our lawn care section.

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