Now That It is Winter, Don't Forget the Sod

If you live in the Arizona desert Southwest, there are a number of excellent warm weather Arizona sod varieties to choose from. Sod for Phoenix golf courses comes in varieties such as Tifway and Tifgreen, and make beautiful lawns throughout the summer months. Warm weather sod in Arizona such as Bermuda, hybrid Bermuda and St. Augustine holds up well during the long, hot summer if you have a lower maintenance requirement than that of golf course varieties.

However, sod in Phoenix and other areas of the Arizona Southwest is sometimes overlooked as an option for homeowners. Fear of too much maintenance and high water consumption are two concerns for homeowners. Yet, studies show that as rock landscaping has become popular in the valley of the sun, temperature levels have risen in direct relation. One need only drive by a golf course with Arizona sod, and feel the drop in temperature. Likewise, the atmosphere around the outside of the home is cooler when Arizona sod is used. That translates into lower A/C usage.

As far as care, anyone who manages a yard landscaped primarily with desert plants and rocks knows that it is not maintenance free. First, there is the challenge of keeping weeds from sprouting up through the rocks. In addition, bushes and shrubs grow rapidly because of the absence of the warmer winter climate. Because of the warmer temperatures weekly or at best semi-weekly pruning becomes almost a necessity. Many homeowners are seeing that they do not need to give up their lawns after all. They are rethinking their landscape choices and adding sod in Arizona either as full lawns, or as focal points in their yards.

For both aesthetics and a cooler environment, buyers find that sod in Phoenix is a good choice for them after all. With proper conservation methods it is still possible to save on water usage. Watering sod in Arizona early in the morning is a good idea. There is usually less evaporation at that time. Timed sprinklers and sprinkler heads that give an even output both aid in proper water application for Phoenix sod. Checking for damaged heads and broken systems, then replacing them or repairing them helps avoid inefficient water use. It also saves money.

And that brings us to the reason so many people love sod in Phoenix. During the winter months other areas of the country are left with brown lawns. Homeowners in the Southwest are outside more in the winter because this is when temperatures are entertainment friendly. Select Arizona sod overseeded with perennial ryegrass for a lush, dark green winter lawn. Phoenix sod can turn a yard green literally overnight even when temperatures are too cool for the summer varieties that make up the sod's base variety. Plant overseeded Phoenix sod now, and enjoy a beautiful yard all winter long. Then watch as it turns into summer grass once spring rolls around.

For winter lawns, overseeding Phoenix sod is the most practical way to go. Renovate your yard with sod in Arizona and enjoy a thick, mat of grass all year long.

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