The Ultimate Guide to Laying Sod in Winter: Your Questions, Answered

Laying Sod in Winter in Phoenix

If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, you know that winters here are gorgeous. Unlike other parts of the country that are blanketed in snow, Phoenix in the winter is beautiful and typically sunny most days, with a slight chill at night, dropping down into the 40s. Most Phoenicians prefer to do their outdoor entertaining and gathering with friends in the winter months, because the summer is just too hot. And if you're a homeowner enjoying the winter in Phoenix, a lush green lawn is the perfect place to do just that. For whatever reason, if you don't yet have an established lawn come winter-time, you may be wondering if laying sod in winter is possible, and whether it's a good idea to do so.

The short answer is yes, it's absolutely possible to lay sod in winter in Phoenix. All you need to do is order the sod, prepare the soil, install the sod when it is delivered, and then water it.

Make sure to follow our How To Install Sod Guide for all the details to ensure your lawn looks it's best. Or if you're short on time or don't feel like doing it yourself, you can have us install your lawn for you.

Benefits of Having a Sod Lawn in Winter

There are many benefits of having a sod lawn in winter, including:

Caring For Your Winter Lawn

As far as care, watering sod in Arizona early in the morning is a good idea. There is usually less evaporation at that time. Timed sprinklers and sprinkler heads that give an even output both aid in proper water application. Check for damaged heads and broken systems, then replace or repair them to avoid inefficient water use. This also saves money.

In addition to watering, if you plan to lay sod in winter, you need to mow it and fertilize it as well. All of that info can be found in detail in our How To Install Sod Guide that we also mentioned above.

One more thing to consider. If you want your lawn to be nice and green all year round with little effort, we highly recommend selecting sod that is overseeded with perennial ryegrass for a lush, dark green winter lawn. Plant overseeded Phoenix sod now, and enjoy a beautiful yard all winter long. Then watch as it turns into summer grass once spring rolls around. It is, by far, the most practical way to go. For the all the information on this, be sure to read our Fall Overseeding / Winter Lawn page.

For more information about maintaining your Arizona sod, or installing new sod, feel free to contact us at Evergreen Turf, Arizona's Premier Sod Supplier.

Select the perfect sod variety using our lawn selector tool. Once you've found the perfect type of grass, you can order online or by phone. You can also learn how to measure your lawn with our helpful online guide.

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