Arizona Home Winter Landscaping Ideas

Living in Arizona can be a killer during the summer months but once the weather cools off and winter rolls in the temperatures are often perfect for outdoor entertaining. By adding a few additions to your winter yard, you can create a space that will get you and your guests out into the cold crisp air.

These ideas can help brighten up your landscaping making your front or back yards accessible throughout the season and allowing you to entertain family and friends.

You don't have to go without plants during the colder winter months, even if snow does fall there are plants that will survive and can add a little cheer to your winter garden. The best winter plants for Arizona are likely cacti and succulents. Try flowering cactus plants like Echinocereusor or Hedgehog cactus, Escobaria Vivipara or Pincushion cactus or Corynopuntia also known as Club Cholla. Just be sure to be careful where you plant any spiky plants, you don't want them close to where you or your guests will be walking or spending time for extended periods.

Walking, Talking, and Beautiful Lighting

Walking paths are great for your winter garden, they allow you to walk through your garden without having to walk in gardens or on any grass that is still alive. They also give you places to just get outside and wander or spend time with family and friends on those nicer winter days.

Add interesting conversation spots throughout your yard. This may be a comfortable bench, small stools, or a nice big table and chairs if you have a big outdoor space. You can add heat lamps to certain areas and connect these with your walking paths. This will give you space to relax outside.

Beautiful lighting can add dimension to your yard and give you pretty views as you sit inside your warm home. Use simple fairy lights, add solar garden lights and additional lighting that is strategically placed for both safety and beauty purposes.

Fire Features, Pops of Color, and Green Grass

If you are willing to spend a little money on your yard you may want to consider adding a beautiful fire pit. These warm centerpieces are perfect for cold nights. Add built-in benches around it to invite people to come and stay for a while.

Use greenery and other touches of color throughout the Christmas and winter season to liven up spots in your yard. If you intend to leave these spots of color all year long you may want to find some fake plants to add to pots or other containers. The great thing is that these days fake plants don't even have to look fake. If you can't find any real looking plants talk to a florist.

Sod overseeded with winter grass varieties can help your outdoor areas stay green all winter long, the beauty of this is that once the warm weather does roll around again you will have a lawn that is ready to see you through the hot months as well.

A beautifully landscaped garden can be enjoyed year round and is perfect to keep you outdoors in the fresh air during the colder months.

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