Top 5 Backyard Landscaping Secrets

You don't have to be a professional landscaper to design a beautiful backyard space. Check out these top 5 backyard landscaping secrets that can help turn any backyard into a work of art!

1. Hide Your Problem Areas: Having a backyard is great because you and your family can play outside all day long. However, your backyard is also the place to stash extra stuff like garden hoses and AC units. But don't let those eye-sores stress you out! Just cover them up with hedges and storage bins that double as outdoor benches. This will take the focus off the junk so people can admire the pretty parts of your yard, like the lush sod you just installed or the potted flowers.

2. Create Focal Points: Rather than have a wide-sweeping expanse of grass with nothing else in your yard, try to create focal points to provide structure to your space. For example, a fire pit with outdoor furniture around it is a great addition to any backyard. If you have a smaller yard, plant a striking tree in the corner so that you have something that draws the eye in. If you live in the southwest in a city like Tucson, sod can grow year-round to complement any focal points in your yard.

3. Choose the Right Sod Variety: Not all sod types are created equal. Some are more tolerant to shade while others thrive with more sunlight. Check out this Lawn Selector tool that can help you find the perfect Tucson sod type for your lawn.

NOTE: No sod grass can tolerate 100% shade. If you have an area that receives no sun, we recommend modifying your landscape to use decorative rock or other vegetation in that space. You may also consider pruning trees and vegetation to provide more sun to the area.

4. Plant the Right Plants: Line your perimeter and walkways with useful plants. For example, did you know that lemongrass keeps mosquitos away and lavender keeps fleas away?

5. Address the Specifics: As you go about your backyard landscaping projects, there are specifics that are bound to pop up. You may realize you need to create more shade above your hammock or move your bird feeder to a quieter area. Just remember to stay flexible and adapt your backyard as your family grows and changes.

Above all, when it comes to designing your backyard, the most important rule is to do what you like and have fun with it!

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