How Long Does It Take for Sod to Take Root

So you are thinking of improving the look of your home with sod. If you are, you might be wondering: How long does it take for sod to take root? Sod seems like an instant solution for a beautiful lawn. You get a new lawn without having to wait for seeds to grow, but it still takes time for sod to take root. There are two stages of rooting that take place after you lay sod:

With the right balance of sun, air, and water, your sod will take root in 2 - 6 weeks. Proper soil preparation makes the process easier.

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Shallow Roots

With the right preparation, your sod can start to have shallow roots in about two weeks. The key to getting these shallow roots to start is watering your new grass after the sod is placed. The first week after laying sod, you should be watering the sod daily to keep roots growing. This first stage of root growth is very sensitive for the sod, and you should avoid walking on the sod or mowing your new lawn. In fact, all weight should be kept off the sod during this period.

Deep Roots

In order to encourage deep root growth, you should slowly start watering the sod less. After the first week, you should stop watering the sod every day. Irrigating the sod with a lot of water, but not every day will encourage the sod to send out deeper roots. The roots have to reach deeper to find moisture. If you follow this watering protocol, you will get full root development in about 30 to 45 days. At this point, you can start to mow your lawn, but make sure you wait 48 hours after the last watering to cut the grass. It is critical that the grass is dry for the first mowing so that the lawn mower does not rip the new sod out of the ground. For your first mowing, make sure you set the mower to three inches.

Preparing Your Soil

How long does it take for sod to take root? If you want good root growth from your sod, you have to prepare your soil before you lay the sod. The majority of grass species like slightly acidic soil that is well drained. Before laying your sod, till in any needed additions to your soil such as:

This will give your sod a fertile place to spread roots. Once your yard is tilled, even out the ground with a light raking and water the area. Sod contours to the ground, so makes sure there are not any low areas where water can accumulate. These preparations will ensure that your sod can begin to take root within two weeks.

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Encouraging Faster Rooting

In addition to watering your lawn, your sod can take root faster if you use a lawn roller right after your sod is installed. You can carefully roll the sod so that the new sod and topsoil adhere to each other. Doing this will also remove air pockets that will inhibit root growth. Another step you can take is to fertilize after the first six weeks to encourage continued rooting and growth.

How long does it take for sod to take root? The answer is that the process takes about two weeks for shallow roots and up to six weeks to establish deep root growth. With proper preparation and care your sod will look beautiful and healthy from the start.


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