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Arizona Landscaping Tips

If you have recently purchased a new home in need of landscaping or you are looking to update your lawn, these landscaping tips will make your work easier. Follow them and before you know it, your Arizona sod lawn will be lush, beautiful, and the envy of your neighbors.

Sod or seed?

Plant Arizona Sod instead of grass seed.

Plant Arizona Sod instead of grass seed. Planting sod in Arizona lawns has several advantages over seed – weeds compete with grass seeds for water and sod does not, sod doesn't require chemical or manual weeding at first (both of which can damage young grass plants), and sod is more resistant to water and wind erosion.

For lawns in full sun, try Midiron, a Bermuda hybrid that is a particularly hardy Tucson sod. It requires mowing less than most Bermudas – every seven to ten days - which can be done with either a rotary or reel mower. Midiron will tolerate the following conditions easily, staying green and lush.

If you have a lawn that is mostly shaded, use Palmetto St. Augustine. It is easy to mow and has more shade tolerance than most grasses. Palmetto St. Augustine does, however, require more water than other varieties. It is probably not the best choice for sod in Tucson if you do not have a sprinkler system or are not going to water regularly. It also does not have the high traffic tolerance that Midiron does, and may turn brown if exposed to heavy traffic.

Islands for convenience

Islands for convenience

Break up large, open lawn areas with islands of decorative rock, native vegetation, or perennials that do not require lots of water. This not only gives your home great curb appeal, it cuts down on the amount of water you need to supply to your landscaping, and it cuts down on the area you must mow. Less mowing and less water - that is a win-win situation.

Tips for trees

Tips for trees

Check the mature size of trees before planting in your yard. What is small in a pot at the nursery may grow to giant size in your yard. You don't want to get yourself into a situation where your tree is ruining your Arizona sod, so always ask an employee at the nursery how big the tree will be when full-grown. Do not plant trees too close to foundations, walkways, or fences to minimize damage to these structures. Do not plant thorny trees by driveways, walkways, or anywhere that will see high traffic to cut down on car and people damage.

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