Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

A fire pit is a natural attraction. People are drawn to the crackle of the fire, the dancing flames, and the conversations that take place around the fire. Are you interested in adding a fire pit to your yard? You may be surprised at how simple and affordable this project can be. We've gathered some of our favorite fire pit ideas that are perfect for a variety of Arizona yards and will entice your friends and family to join you at the fire!

Concrete Paver Fire Pit

One of the most popular DIY fire pit ideas is to construct the wall surrounding the pit out of concrete landscaping pavers. These pavers are sold at home improvement and garden stores and are incredibly affordable. Because the size and shape of a concrete paver fire pit is easily modified it is perfect for any size yard. Make sure the ground is level and take the time to create a barrier to keep the fire from spreading from the fire pit to the rest of the yard.

Washer Drum Fire Pit

This upcycled fire pit is one of the most creative fire pit ideas we've discovered and highly adaptable for any yard. It uses an old metal drum from a clothes washer, 1" galvanized tubes for the legs, and an old bike rim to stabilize the base. Using self taping screws and M6 nuts and bolts you can attach the legs and base stabilizer with a simple screwdriver. Fill the washer drum with wood, cast a flame, and you are ready to go!

Cement Bowl Fire Pit

Many home improvement or building stores sell large cement bowls that are perfect for a patio fire pit. This bowl can be placed onto a metal base or layers of concrete pavers to elevate it to the perfect height. Using a large cement bowl is ideal for burning small pieces of wood or it can be retrofitted to include a propane burner. For an extra bit of creativity consider purchasing a large wok at a restaurant supply store that can be added to the center of the bowl for visual interest.

Tabletop Fire Pit

If you live in a home with a small yard or if you reside in an apartment building you can still enjoy the serenity and beauty of a fire pit on a much smaller scale. A glass box, a metal planter, and a small metal grate are all you need. The glass box should fit snugly into the metal planter and the metal grate should should be cut to the dimensions of the planter. Once your pit is built you simply need to place the gel fuel under the grate, layer rocks on top, and light the flame.

Rectangular Fire Box

If you are looking for the quickest and easiest route to a fire pit, a rectangular fire box may be your best option. These pre-made fire boxes are sold at home improvement stores and install directly on top of your patio pavers. A fire proof base layer and material to fill the box allow you to burn wither propane or wood.

Regardless of where you live in Arizona, the size of your yard, or your DIY ability you deserve to enjoy the beauty of a fire pit. These fire pit ideas are intended to inspire your creativity and help you envision how a fire pit can bring your yard to life!

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