Backyard Retaining Walls Ideas

A home is never complete without a beautiful backyard to accompany it. If you are looking to retain your backyard walls here are a few tips that might be of help. First it is important to master your back yard. Consider all the materials that you are going to use as walls in your backyard. They should be unconventional but still effective. The following are some backyard retaining wall ideas.

Check out these backyard retaining wall ideas

How to build a timber retaining wall

First, measure the area of the length of your wall and include all sides. By doing this, you will be able to determine the materials you will use. In this case you will use timber, calculate the amount of timber you will need to buy. For example, to build a 2 foot wall, you will need 8-foot 6x6s. Before beginning plan for the soil you are going to remove. You can use it to construct flower beds later on. Always consult your local utility company so that they may mark the underground services in your project area. Before you start digging, use a guide string to place stakes at the end of the edge of the wall. Dig a foundation for the timbers in the first row. Then tamp it so that it is on a level base. Use a level that is on a timber to check your work from time to time.

How to cover a stone wall

By use of treated plywood, cover the wall. Then place a row of timber along the bottom of the rail wood-tie so that the wood is not in direct contact with the patio. Press a sheet of the plywood against the wall and trim the plywood flush with the top of the wall. Repeat this process until you have covered the entire front of the wall. After the row of timber is removed, the space at the bottom helps to drain the water behind the wall. Using a staple gun, cover the plywood with felt paper whole wrapping it with plywood and railroad ties. Attach the diamond mesh with felt paper by use of roofing nails.

The next step is to cover the mesh with stones by arranging them so that they fit evenly. You can use a random pattern, ensuring that the joints between the stones do not line up. Make sure you wet each stone before placing it in order to ensure that it does not suck moisture from the mortar. Finally, cap off the wall to create a mortar joint between the stones and between those below them

How to build a boulder retaining wall

Determine the height of the desired retaining wall. Tie the end of a string to a stake at the corner. Stretch and tie the string to all the wooden stakes until you have worked it around the wall. By use of a string level ensure that the height remains the same. Prepare a trench hat is 8 inches deep which covers the base of the retaining wall. Then spread gravel evenly in the hole. Begin by placing boulders along the trench then fill the area with gravel in order to hold it firmly in place. Place the next row of boulders on top of the first one them angle them slightly back to give more strength to the wall.

In conclusion, capstones, pergola seat wall party porch and patio are some of the tastes that make the backyard more colorful. The ones discussed above are some few examples that may be of great use.

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