Create a Courtyard in your Arizona backyard

The desert climate of Arizona can be harsh, but you can create your own private haven in your backyard. The backyard is a place to relax and create memories with family and loved ones and it makes perfect sense to create a backyard courtyard. If you are looking for ideas how to transform your backyard, here are some unique and creative ideas.

Graveled Courtyard

Gravel the center of the courtyard and use this space for entertaining guests and hosting fun BBQ parties. Along the edges of the graveled space plant a mix of high water use plants with low water use plants. Think in terms of succulents, damianita, pink guara, autumn sage and ornamental grass. You also can plant a mix of sod and succulents to make the courtyard look unique.

In the graveled center, place a bird bath on one side to attract avian life to your backyard and if you like, you also can construct a fire pit. If you are placing a fire pit, arrange some rustic furniture around. In case you decide against the fire pit, then use a coffee table and place cushioned benches and outdoor furniture around it.

A graveled courtyard saves your time and money. You will not have to worry about watering a lawn and gravel is not very expensive.

Stone Ramada

Practically all homes in Arizona have a swimming pool in their backyards. You can construct a stone Ramada to shade part of the swimming pool and also enjoy the shade to escape from the hot sun when spending time in your backyard courtyard.

Create a unique and eye-catching ramada with ledgestone masonry pillars and vaulted roof and fascia. You also can include a sunken outdoor kitchen to make it easier for you to host outdoor parties. Use travertine to pave the floor of the ramada and you can use the same stone pavers to create a pathway leading from the house to the shaded ramada.

Grow Cape jasmine to provide you shade and privacy under your ramada shade structure. The vine looks beautiful and will give your courtyard a lush appearance. You also can place potted succulents strategically around the ramada to add more greenery.

Oasis Courtyard

Creating a focal point in your backyard courtyard is a must and adding a water element is one of the best ways to do so. Not only will the gently bubbling water soothe and relax you, it also will make your courtyard cooler during hot Arizona summers.

In the center of the courtyard create a mortared basin and place a stone orb made from frost-tolerant clay. Fix the water connection to finish your fountain. Place comfortable outdoor furniture around the fountain. Intersperse the furniture with tall potted plants to offer lush foliage and some shade. To add color to the courtyard, create flowerbeds in shaded parts of the backyard and grow low-maintenance flowering succulents and plants. Line the courtyard with gravel.

You can enclose the courtyard with adobe and stone walls and cover the top with wooden beams. Grow evergreen cascading vines, such as purple lilac vine and trumpet vine. These vines will also make the oasis courtyard look colorful.

The Bottom Line

Creating a backyard courtyard is not that difficult. However, make sure the overall design of the courtyard is in complete harmony with the architecture of your home. Set your creativity free and transform your backyard into an outdoor living room.

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