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Create Your Own Backyard Gym

Vertical GardenPut down those leftover holiday goodies. It's a new year and the "I'll start tomorrow" mentality is no longer going to fly. If you're ready to get fit in the New Year, look no further than your own home. Gym memberships are often expensive and can be particularly overwhelming for the newcomers, but with a little ingenuity you can create your own backyard gym in no time at all.

Easy and Affordable

When it comes to simple projects on a tight budget, imagination is king. Here are some simple ways to feng shui your way to a beautiful fitness space.

Advanced Projects

Pick one project at a time and you can have your own backyard gym (and maybe a few envious neighbors) without ever having to sign another fitness center contract. Once you see the finished result, you'll be proud of more than just your biceps.

For instructions on how to build a pull-up bar, visit: Fitstream.

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