How to Fix Trouble Spots in Your Lawn

Almost everyone loves the look of having a lush green lawn in their yard. The problem is that despite your best efforts, there may be areas in your lawn that are just not giving you the results you want no matter what you do. It may be too difficult or expensive to remedy areas that are too shady or have poor soil that doesn't drain well that are causing problems with your lawn in Arizona, not to mention having to deal with drought conditions. Instead, you may want to consider going in a different direction and planting plants that are more agreeable to the unique conditions of your landscape instead of dealing with grass problems.

How to Fix Trouble Spots in Your Lawn

Too Much Shade?

Somehow, the idea of having to deal with too much shade would seem almost an oxymoron to native Arizonians. But believe it or not, there are shade loving plants that are desert-adapted for our area. Many are quite suitable for planting in shady areas under your trees where it is difficult to keep grass alive. These plants are available in a wide variety of species so that you are not relegated to plants that look like they belong only in the desert.

You can add color and pizazz to your landscape by adding partial shade-loving perennials, including, hydrangeas, azaleas and camellias. For full-shade conditions, there are a variety of shrubs and succulents to choose from, including:

Take Advantage of Ground Covers

Plants that are of a ground covering nature can be very useful in covering problem areas in your lawn. Some may flower during certain times of the year to provide additional color to your landscape. Be advised. Ground covers can:

For shady areas, consider planting the following ground covers:

For sunny areas on your lawn where the soil quality is poor and dry, but drains well, consider planting:

Dealing with Damp Areas

Areas in your lawn that do not drain well and remain moist for most of the time can wreak havoc with your lawn. This may be because of the slope of your yard or uneven areas. It can also be difficult to remedy, so instead of grass, consider planting shrubs that will thrive in these conditions.

Moisture loving shrubs include:

Consider plants grown from bulbs that can stand up to some amount of continual wetness and actually help soak it up, including:

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