How to Treat Fungus in Your Lawn

Fungus on your lawn is more than unattractive. When the fungus kills your Arizona sod, it creates bare spots that leave little ones prone to cuts and scrapes. Find out how to deal with lawn fungus so you can get back to backyard grilling.

Spot the Fungus

A common lawn fungus, Rhizoctonia solani, is largely responsible for the discolored, blotchy patches of dead and dying grass on your Arizona lawn. This fungus leads to various issues with many plants:

Not in My Backyard

Identifying this lawn fungus requires a little understanding of your turfgrass, because the symptoms appear different in different types of sod:

Look for brown patch in hot, wet weather. The fungus thrives in these conditions, and retreats in cooler weather. Brown, irregular to circular areas several feet across are common. Individual brown patches can spread because the fungus sends out thin, underground hyphae, or thread-like structures. Separate brown patches until you have very large blighted areas. The patches and the shades your individual grass leaves turn can change, too. Look out for:

St. Augustine grass blades turn yellowish or orange before succumbing to the fungus; Centipedegrass turns reddish or purple.

Good News

If this sounds very unpleasant, take heart: fungus does not usually kill off your entire lawn, and even individual grass plants can bounce back once the fungus dies off. You can hasten this natural cycle, of course, with careful application of fungicides:

These will appear under many brand names. Follow label directions carefully and with two applications, the fearsome fungus should be in full retreat. As with any chemical introduced into the environment, follow sensible safety precautions:


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