Is There Drought-Tolerant Grass For Lawns?

In Arizona's hot, dry climate, lawns can sometimes suffer despite the best efforts of the homeowners. These days, water conservation is on everyone's mind, and in our state, it can be vital to operate on a minimal water supply. Some grasses are more tolerant of drought conditions than others, but before you lay your sod or plant any seeds, check out our tips to ensuring the happiest grass in dry conditions.

Yes, drought-tolerant grasses do exist. These blades tend to require less water than other types of grasses. In fact, they can use less than 25% of the amount of water traditional grass lawns use on average.

When you’re shopping for grass in a drought-prone area such as Arizona, keep in mind that water isn't the only thing to consider. To get your grass to grow to optimal potential, you need to factor in the time of year, seasonal attributes, soil, lighting, and maintenance.

Types of Drought-Tolerant Grasses

As with anything else in life, some species are just a better fit when it comes to fasting from water. The following grasses are more likely to survive without regular hydration than traditional choices:

Secondary Options

The grasses mentioned above are the best options for drought-laden lands, but they're not the only possibilities when you're trying to produce a lush lawn. The following alternatives can create a green greeting when you look at your front yard, even when water is nearly non-existent:

Making the Most of Your Drought-Tolerant Grass

Planting the seeds isn't enough to nurture most plant life, and your lawn is no exception. To get the most benefit from your efforts, follow these steps:

Need help getting your grass growing just right? Check out our Evergreen Turf Lawn Selector tool to help you choose the optimal grass ingredients.

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