The Top 7 Native Arizona Plants For Your 2016 Landscaping

If you are in the process of beautifying your property, your investment can go a long way if you choose a few plants that are native to Arizona. This ensures that they'll be hardy enough for our hot summers and durable enough to withstand the dry conditions that can be a natural part of our area.

Here's our pick of the top 7 native Arizona plants to use in landscaping and the ways you can utilize them to their fullest:

Nodding Onion.

Beauty in a dry climate doesn't have to be hard to come by. Nodding Onions are pretty to look at and easy to grow. These plants are great for home landscaping because they are colorful, easy to grow, drought-tolerant, bring a variety of hummingbirds and butterflies who like to bask in their presence. To achieve the best results, put these plants where they'll experience full sun, although they will tolerate a bit of shade. Deadhead flowers before seeds set to help prevent unwanted additional plants.

Afghan Pine (Shown).

Afghan Pines are evergreen trees that call Arizona home. They have a fast growth rate, and they achieve an average maturity size of 50' high by 30' wide when they're full grown. They're great for Arizona home landscaping because they offer constant color, and they enjoy basking in the sun.

Anacacho Orchid Tree.

This tree comes in a shrub-like form that's great for residential property. Because they grow well in full or partial sun, they're great for any part of the yard. They produce white or pink flowers, which are decorative and pretty. To keep it pristine, trim off any leggy or unsightly growth after the blooms fade, and be sure to prune any dead, diseased, or broken branches that appear throughout the year.

Baja Fairy Duster.

When you want color and beauty in your desert garden, a Baja Fairy Duster is a necessary addition. This red-tipped shrub is beautiful and super tolerant. It flowers off all year long, and the miniature feather duster flowers add a unique appeal to home landscaping. For best results, allow it to grow naturally, and prune it with hand-pruners in late spring. Avoid hedge clippers, as they remove a lot of the flowers and take away the natural shape of the shrub.

Red Spike Ice Plant.

The dessert doesn't have to have a base of brown dirt. This groundcover offers a welcome mat of green life and colorful natural creation. They offer great soil stabilization in dry climates. To keep this evergreen groundcover happy, provide it with good drainage, and make sure it's not stepped on.

Lady Banks Rose.

Vines can be awesome for privacy, and when you procure the Lady Banks Rose properly, she'll happily provide you with protection and prettiness at the same time. This vine is a climber, which makes its rich green foliage and full-fledged yellow blooms beautiful decoration for home landscaping projects. For best results, water it regularly, particularly when the Arizona sun starts scorching.

Argentine Giant.

Our desert climate welcomes desert cacti, and the Argentine Giant is an excellent home-landscaping addition. They produce big, beautiful blooms, and they're tolerant to droughts, requiring regular watering that doesn't go overboard. These big cacti can produce truly gigantic blossoms that appear overnight, without warning. With minimal attention or effort required, these cacti are excellent desert home additions, great for year-round livelihood.

Are you undergoing a landscaping project, or have you recently finished adding the final plants to your plans? We'd love to see your pictures! Please share them at our Facebook Page!

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