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The benefits of having a great looking yard is more than just important to the owner of the home of the lawn. Sure, a great looking lawn helps with the curb appeal and aesthetics of a house, but grass can also have immense rewards on the overall impact of the environment too. As more and more people become concerned with global warming and its effects, having a lawn in urban communities aids in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. In turn, this reduces energy and contributes to the reduction of global warming trends. More than most other places, this is especially true in desert landscapes such as Phoenix. In order to get a quality lawn in Arizona, Evergreen Turf specializes in lawn care for hot climates.

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One of the initial things homeowners that install sod in their Phoenix lawns notice, is how much cooler it is than asphalt. As temperatures rise, surfaces like asphalt and concrete, and even soil and sand pits, consume heat and do not allow it to escape. However, lawns with grass lower surface temperatures, as well as the areas surrounding them. No one enjoys sitting on a hot sidewalk, but almost anyone can enjoy reading a book or playing with friends with a cool and comforting grass beneath them. The more homes that have grass in your neighborhood the better, as surrounding areas will also be more cool. Phoenix sod has an immensely important impact on rising temperatures and environmental benefits.

Another benefit that comes from having sod in Arizona is the impact it has on water filtration. The roots of grass act as a filter on contaminants that can be carried in runoff water. When you wash your car with soap or wax and it goes into the street, chances are it ends up in a gutter and eventually in a sewer somewhere. All of the chemicals that are in that soap, as well as everything that was washed off your car, also goes along for the ride. However, this is not the same when water passes through grass. Instead many of those elements that are not healthy for the environment, are filtered out by the lawn and do not recycle themselves into our water sources.

It should also be noted that a good-looking Phoenix sod lawn has benefits for people's mental health as well.

It should also be noted that a good-looking lawn has benefits for people's mental health as well. Imagine how you feel when you see a house, or even a neighborhood, that has dingy grass and it's obvious the people do not care for their lawns. Then, think about how you feel when you see a neighborhood filled with perfectly green, inviting, and well taken care of yards all next to one another. It's apparent that a good-looking lawn has both environmental and individual health benefits.

With all of these benefits, it's important to maintain your Arizona sod. With harsh weather conditions and cruel elements, it does take a bit more work than other climates. However, with more work comes more reward that will be beneficial to you, your family and those around you. The team at Evergreen Turf will help you accomplish everything you need to work towards a better future for everyone.

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