Advantages of Using Sod in Tucson

When it comes to creating a beautiful lawn, some regions of the world are better equipped for success than others. In Tucson, you can achieve lush, green grass fairly easily if you utilize the most advantageous options for our area.

Here are some key reasons why using sod is typically best for Tucson lawns:

Less Water.

In a dry place like Arizona, water conservation is almost always at the top of the list of concerns. Sod lawns actually require less water than seed. Every drop of water saved is another dollar in the bucket, so to speak, and the savings can add up greatly when you are looking at a large lawn.


Allergies are awful, and allergy sufferers who have problems with elements in the outdoors such as pollen will appreciate sod for its allergen-free feature. Sod does not contain pollen, which means it helps contain allergies which would otherwise result from this exterior enemy.

Instant Gratification.

Waiting for seeds to germinate can feel like forever. In fact, it can feel like you are watching grass grow. When you install sod, you do not have to wait for the seeds to germinate. You have an instant lawn from the moment of installation, which means instant gratification and a beautiful earthy floor mat that is ready for play.

Easy Installation.

One of the best features of sod is its easy installation process. If you choose to go it alone and pursue a DIY option, sod can easily be integrated into your landscape with a little preparation. To install sod yourself, make sure you have properly prepared the ground, monitor your water levels, and maintenance your lawn to achieve optimal results. Alternatively, you can choose to hire a team of professionals (like us) who will take care of everything, ensuring that the lawn is laid properly and ready to establish roots.

Heat Reduction

Hot sunny days are not uncommon in Tucson, and lawns absorb heat and are much cooler than alternatives you may see your neighbors using. Materials such as rock and concrete retain heat, but grass lawns cool the air, release oxygen, and reduce carbon dioxide.

At Evergreen Turf, we grow, sell and install several kinds of sod, and can help you select the best option for your lawn needs. Browse our sod selection today!

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