Arizona Sod and Overseeding

Are you looking for a way to add some green to your desert landscaping? Maybe you dream of a cool outdoor retreat to gather with friends and family. Or perhaps your kids are longing for a place to play barefoot outside. If you live in the Phoenix or Tucson area, consider adding an Arizona sod lawn to your landscape.

The best way to get a beautiful lawn is to purchase it as Arizona sod. Sod in Arizona is grown on a farm that specializes in the cultivation of grasses uniquely suited for Arizona. Once the grass is thick and green and has developed a dense root structure, it is harvested in rolls. It's then ready to be installed directly on your prepared location, giving your home the instant beauty of a lush, easy-to-maintain Arizona lawn.

Arizona's low desert climate is one of extremes. You want a grass that can stand up to our environment but is easy to establish and maintain. Arizona sod is made up of grasses that are proven performers in the heat and dry conditions of Phoenix and Tucson. These include bermuda, hybrid bermuda, St. Augustine and golf course varieties such as Tifway and Tifgreen. What type of Arizona lawn you choose depends on your lifestyle. Each Arizona grass type has a color and texture all its own. Some Arizona grass types perform better in shaded areas while others perform best in full sun. All of them are adapted to drought and salinity.

All sod in Arizona is made up of warm weather grasses. What does this mean for you as a homeowner? Warm weather grasses go dormant in the cool winter months in Phoenix and Tucson. If you want to maintain a green lawn, you'll need to overseed your Arizona Grass with a cold hardy variety like ryegrass. Overseeding helps your Arizona sod too. Ryegrass's extensive root system extends deep into the soil, helping to aerate it and making it easier for water to percolate deep into the soil structure. Once the weather warms up, your Arizona sod will take over again, providing you with a continuously green lawn. Evergreen Turf also sells overseeded versions of all its varieties during the winter months, so you can create your beutiful new lawn any time of year.

Installing sod in Arizona has other benefits as well. In both Phoenix and Tucson, low rainfall causes dust pollution. Both cities have ordinances to keep dust down for public health reasons. When we do get rain, it often can't sink into our compacted soils so it simply runs across the landscape causing flooding and erosion. A sod lawn with its well-established roots can help minimize dust and prevent run-off.

A lawn also helps create a cooling envelope around your home. Homes with grass and trees hold moisture on the property making it look and feel cooler. While many homeowners install decomposed granite to conserve water, adding sod in Arizona can be a smarter choice. Gravel quickly heats up during the summer and radiates that heat back into the surrounding environment at night, keeping nighttime temperatures high and increasing your cooling costs. A waterwise Arizona lawn stays cool through transpiration, and doesn't retain heat.

Choosing and maintaining Arizona sod is easy. We can help you choose the right grass for your application and advise you on the best way to maintain it. From the right mower, to the best organic fertilizers, we have what you're looking for. And if you don't want to spend all week-end installing your new lawn, we offer complete installation from site preparation to irrigation.

For more information about maintaining your Arizona sod, or installing new sod, feel free to contact us at Evergreen Turf, Arizona's Premier Sod Supplier.

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