How to Have Year-Round Grass in Arizona

A healthy green lawn can seem like an oasis during the hot desert heat. However, having a green lawn year-round in Arizona can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. With a little work and knowledge, you too can have a lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Understanding the Different Types of Grasses

Most Arizona sod in the hottest areas of the state consists of Bermuda grass. This warm-season turf grass is best suited to the heat and will stay green and continue to grow as long as it has enough water. It is a perennial grass, meaning it comes back year after year. Its active season is usually from May to September. When the temperatures start to warm up in May, the Bermuda grass begins to awaken and turn green again once the temperatures remain consistently above the 80 degree range during the day. In September, when the temperatures start to get cooler, Bermuda grasses will begin to turn yellow. While your lawn may look dead, it actually is not, this just means the grass has gone dormant.

If you want to ensure that your lawn is green from October through May until the Bermuda grass becomes active again, you will want to overseed your lawn with Rye grass. This grass is suited to cooler temperatures and will begin to die off in May once the afternoons start to become hotter. However, during the time your Bermuda grass is in dormancy, it will flourish and keep your lawn green until May. The best time to overseed your Arizona sod is through the second week of October through the second week of November.

Proper Water and Feeding of Your Lawn

You would think that with the heat that the Arizona area gets during the summer, it would be impossible to overwater your lawn, but you can damage or kill your lawn with too much water. When watering your lawn less often but deeper is best between watering. You should only water your lawn once every three days during the summer. When you watering, you want to do so that the soil is moist at least eight inches deep.

The best time of day to water your lawn is when it is cool, preferably in the early morning. This helps prevent the water from evaporating away, and will actually help save on your watering costs. Another reason to water in the morning instead of in the evening when the sun goes down is to prevent fungus growth. Fungus can grow and damage your lawn if it stays damp overnight.

Your lawn should only require fertilization two to four times a year to keep it healthy. Do not fertilize your Bermuda grass in the spring until you see new growth. Rye grass should be fertilized during the winter.

Best Time to Address Weeds and Pests is Before They Strike

They say an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. When it comes to keeping your Arizona sod healthy, it is better to be proactive when dealing with weeds and pests than deal with their damage. Be care to use only products that specify they can be used with Bermuda grass to avoid damaging your lawn. Even if you have taken preventive measures, it is still possible for weeds and pests to strike. Watch your lawn for any signs of activity and act promptly.


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