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Homeowners in the Tucson Arizona area have a bit of a challenge when it comes to growing and maintaining a beautiful, lush, green lawn, but our professionals at Evergreen Turf can help any homeowner create a beautiful lawn even in this arid climate. We recommend Arizona sod, since it gives our customer an instant lawn and is less work to install than sprigs and more certain that seeding.

The first thing that needs to be done is to select the right grass. A grass that's not right for this climate isn't going to do well no matter how much work our company or our customers put into it. So, we offer several varieties of sod in Arizona that we know to do well in a desert climate. We also prepare our customers' lawns with fertilizer and other amendments to give the sod in Tucson a good, healthy start.

Tucson Sod Varieties

Our most popular sod is Midiron. Indeed, it's the most popular sod used in Arizona. It's a lovely, blue green color that can tolerate a lot of traffic. More importantly, it can tolerate a good bit of drought. Another popular grass is Tifway, which is actually popular on many a sports field and golf course. It's a type of Bermuda grass and has the dark green color found in many stadiums. Not surprisingly, it has a high tolerance for traffic, can tolerate some salt and has a very good drought tolerance. It also enjoys a texture that can be described as medium fine. Tifgreen 328, which was made for use on golf greens, has a lovely, fine texture and is bright green, though it's not as drought tolerant as Tifway.

Once the Tucson sod is laid, our professionals are also here to help our customers with any questions they might have about watering, mowing, fertilizing and the control of insects and diseases. Every season brings some task for the lawn owner, and we're more than happy to assist them.

For example, we tell our customers that it's best to water the sod in the evening or the morning after it's established. In the summer, new sod should be watered four to eight times a day for five to 10 minutes at a time. If the sod's been laid in the winter, it should be only watered twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. After the lawn is established, the amount of watering can be cut back.

After the initial fertilization and once the sod is established, the lawn should be fertilized about once a month with a nitrogen rich fertilizer.

Different grasses have different mowing heights and even different types of lawn mowers that are best for them. For example, a reel mower is good for Midiron, but Palmetto St. Augustine, a shade loving grass, needs a sharp rotary mower. Generally, grass shouldn't be mowed more than 1/3 of its height.

Homeowners in Arizona who are interested in sod lawn shouldn't hesitate to contact Evergreen turf at 480-456-1199.

Select the perfect turf using our lawn selector. Once you've found the perfect type of grass, you can order online or by phone. Learn how to measure your lawn and how to install your new lawn with our helpful online guides.

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