Water Wise Landscaping and Garden Design

A yard should look beautiful and lush. But if your yard is struggling to thrive, it can be frustrating and you may not know what to do to change this. Thankfully, there is a way - water wise landscaping and garden design. Using a few simple tricks of landscaping and gardening, you can transform your struggling yard into a green oasis.

Gather Ideas

Before you start designing your garden, you need to get a few ideas. Check out Pinterest, garden-related websites and magazines to get images of the plants you would like to have in your yard. These photographs can prove to be very handy, as not only will you get an idea what the plants will look like, you also will be able to get designing ideas for your yard. You can incorporate some of the ideas and come up with an eye-catching design.

Hire a Professional

When it comes to water wise landscaping and garden design, it helps to have a professional garden designer at your side. The professional will be able to design your garden to suit your taste and also keep the various designing elements within your budget. However, if you still feel you can’t afford a professional garden designer or just want try a new DIY project, then utilize the services of a friend, who is skilled and talented in designing. Request your friend to help you design your yard and see what he or she comes up with. If you like the design, finalize it and get ready to plant flowering plants to bring your garden to life.

Prudent Plant Buying

The trick to having a lush yard is buying and planting the right plants. As you are opting for water wise landscaping, you should be looking to plant perennials that do not require too much watering. It is best to go for perennials that have vibrant flowers and long bloom times. Such perennials will not require too much watering and will make your yard a colorful and lush haven.

Sod for TrafficSod for Traffic

Choose a high quality sod that can take footfalls. Once your yard is thriving, your family and you (and the house pet) will be spending more time in the garden. Rather than buying the sod from a nursery, find a sod producer. Remember, if the sod is subject to high traffic, it needs to be fertilized frequently to promote growth and aid recovery. Also, you would have to mow and irrigate it more often to stimulate the grass to grow and replace patches that have worn off. Look to aerate the soil twice a year, in spring and fall and fertilize it four times a year. This will help you maintain a lush and vigorous lawn.

Now that you are done with your water wise landscaping and garden design, you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your yard will come alive and attract colorful butterflies, birds and bees.

With these simple yet effective tips, you can transform your struggling yard into a lush paradise where you will love to spend time.

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